Disaster Recovery Fund 

The Disaster Recovery Fund helps cooperatives and cooperators get back on their feet after disasters or other emergency hardship situations. 

The Disaster Recovery Fund prioritizes funding for:

  • aid to employees and volunteers of cooperatives and cooperative support organizations to support recovery from disasters or emergencies;
  • basic necessities like food, clothing, housing (including repairs), transportation and medical assistance (including psychological counseling);
  • aid to cooperatives by covering uninsured expenses needed to return the business to viability.

Who may apply: Cooperatives, cooperative support organizations and employees and volunteers of cooperatives.

Review process: All applications will be reviewed by CDF's Executive Director. Applications for more than $1,000 will also be reviewed by the CDF Board. All applicants will be notified as to the status of their applications. 

Recipient obligation: Disaster Recovery Fund recipients are required to report on the use of their grant(s) within a year of receipt. 

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